The Power of Music

Dear friends of the Huntley Brown Foundation,

We are so excited to bring you the inaugural edition of our blog to let you know what we are hoping the Lord will allow us to accomplish through the HBF.
The power of music in a person’s life: The Huntley Brown story:
Huntley grew up in a poor family in Jamaica, but learned early on that with God, all things are all possible. Growing up without many opportunities, he held on to hope. Hope when attached to faith in God changed his life forever. Without knowing how to read music, Huntley learned to play the piano by imitating his brothers. His father who played the accordion and a little piano gave Huntley some basic instructions, and he also received instructions from a family friend, and listened to different recordings and played by ear. Huntley eventually rededicated his life to Christ as a teen and started spending time in the Word and in prayer. This led him to the United States where he attended and graduated from Judson University with a bachelor’s degree in piano performance and a master’s degree in piano performance and pedagogy from Northern IL University where he met the love of his life Annette. Huntley’s music ministry has taken him all over the world, on television, radio, and concert appearances. Huntley has been described as inspired, anointed, powerful, and explosive. It is his desire to give the same opportunity to others gifted with musical talent but who are unable to explore and use their God-given talents. For more about Huntley’s story, please see

Did you know?

Music is good for the soul?
We have heard it said, “music is good for the soul.” As Christ followers, we know that music provides a way for us to worship our Lord, to connect with the Holy Spirit, and to come together with other believers. Biblically-based lyrics and Holy Spirit-inspired tunes can bring spiritual healing and faith to those who are lost or hurting. Music is a very powerful tool.

Learning to play music is good for your health?
Learning to play music can build new neural pathways that will help strengthen the brain as you age. Professional musicians are known to have more grey matter than non-musicians. This is a great reason to get your kids playing a musical instrument at a young age! It also gets them off their devices and stimulates their brains!

Music also improves immune function by increasing IgA antibodies that fight infections, reducing cortisol levels (stress hormone) leading to lower incidences of headaches, high blood pressure, and overall improved health, as well as reduces incidence of depression and anxiety. Music has an overall calming effect on young and old.

Many people have unused musical instruments in their homes?
Many of us had the opportunity to learn musical instruments from an early age. Now these instruments sit in our basements, garages, or storage rooms cluttering our homes when they could be used to help others, like Huntley Brown, whose life was changed through music. What about you?

The mission of the Huntley Brown Foundation?
The mission of the Huntley Brown Foundation is to replicate Huntley Brown’s story, to raise up young leaders to impact their communities for Christ. Music gives us all the freedom to worship in our own unique and personalized way, and the Huntley Brown Foundation endeavors to equip individuals with the tools they need to worship Him in their daily lives.
We want to connect those in need with those who can help.
Immediate needs:

  • Musical instruments gently used or new.
  • Teachers who could donate their time (via Zoom) to those in need.
  • Churches/facilities with students who would like to learn music – we want to help! APPLY
  • Financial contributions DONATE

We want to encourage you in your faith!
Lastly, we want you to know that we want to utilize this blog to provide you with encouragement on your own personal faith journey. We want to pray for you. Contact us at

More to come…we look forward to this journey with you. Amen.


Huntley Brown Foundation

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